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Pre-Travel Soccer Fall 2018 - Spring 19

Registration closes in 8 days


As per recent US Soccer Federation and League mandates, teams will now be aligned by calendar year ages (born 1/1 - 12/31) and no longer by grade- level.

Please register by Friday June 29th to guarantee a spot on a team.

The Pre-Travel soccer program is for boys and girls (born 2011, 2012 or 2013), which will REQUIRE a 1 year commitment for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 seasons. This is for Jericho School District residents only.  All Pre-Travel players must also register and actively participate in the intramural soccer program (no exceptions).

The JAA's Pre-Travel Soccer Program is designed to encourage more competitive individual and team soccer development. It is intended for those children who desire more than what the current JAA intramural program offers. Inter-town game play will not occur on the U6 level (2012), only the U7 (2011) and U8 (2010) levels.

Teams will be formed equally for U8 (2011) and U7 (2012). The U6 (2013) group will not participate in league play (only practice once per week). When children enter (U9), teams will be formed based upon try-outs & trainer’s ratings prior to the beginning of the Fall Season. Team formation at U9 will be based on skill level, and will not be equally divided.

The success of the program is largely dependent upon the involvement of our parents.  We need volunteers to coach and administer these teams.  If you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible. All prospective coaches must meet with the JAA soccer committee prior to being approved.

Please forward any questions to either Cary Rubin ( or Paul Camhi (

Soccer Travel Tryouts 2018

Tryouts for JAA Travel Soccer for Boys & Girls.

BOYS 2010
6/04 Monday 6:30-8:00pm - Robbins Lane
6/10 Sunday 4:45-6:00pm - Seaman

BOYS 2009
6/03 Sunday 5:30-7:00pm - Seaman
6/10 Sunday 5:30-7:00pm - Robbins Lane

BOYS 2008
6/03 Sunday 5:00-6:30pm - Robbins Lane
6/10 Sunday 6:00-7:15pm - Seaman

BOYS 2007
6/04 Monday 4:30-6:00pm - Robbins Lane
6/11 Monday 4:30-6:00pm - Robbins Lane

BOYS 2006
6/01 Friday 4:00-5:30pm - Seaman
6/05 Tuesday 5:30-7:00pm - Robbins Lane

BOYS 2005
6/06 Wednesday 5:30 -7:00pm - Robbins
6/08 Friday 5:30 -7:00pm - Jackson

BOYS 2004
6/06 Wednesday 6:45-8:15pm - Robbins Lane
6/09 Saturday 11:00am-12:30pm - Seaman

BOYS 2003/2002
Contact Coach Steve Lefkowitz -

GIRLS 2010
6/04 Monday 5:30-7:00pm - Seaman
6/11 Monday 5:30-7:00pm - Robbins Lane

GIRLS 2009
6/07 Thursday 3:30-5:30pm - Robbins Lane
2nd date to be scheduled if needed

GIRLS 2008
6/03 Sunday 7:00-8:15pm - Seaman
6/10 Sunday 7:00-8:15pm – Robbins Lane

GIRLS 2007
6/04 Monday 6:15-7:45pm - Robbins Lane
6/08 Friday 4:00-5:30pm - Jackson

GIRLS 2006
6/04 Monday 4:00-5:30pm - Robbins Lane
6/06 Wednesday 5:00-6:30pm - Robbins Lane

GIRLS 2004
Contact Coach Tom K -

GIRLS 2003/2002
Contact Bret Pearlman -

Coach Background Check 2015 -2017

Please note all coaches from the JAA are required to submit a background check which is valid for two years. Please enter a correct social security number or you will automatically be precluded from coaching. If you have completed a background check during 2014 you are not required to undergo a subsequent check as it is currently valid.

2014 Sponsors

Spring Baseball 2018

Registration is closed

Intramural baseball program for boys Pre-K thu 8th grade.

Spring Lacrosse Clinics 18

Registration is closed

The Jericho Lacrosse program will be holding Spring 2018 clinics for all players K-6 grade. The clinic will be run by our Boys Varsity lacrosse coach, Brandon Mulholland with the help of varsity lacrosse players.

The cost for these clinics will be $50.00.

Subject to change, we are looking to hold the clinic on the following dates at the High School from 300-430p.

Date: May 12, May 19, June 2, June 9

Baseball Travel Tryouts 2018

Registration is closed

Travel Baseball Tryouts - Fall '18 / Spg '19 Seasons

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